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h2. Installation of the Eclipsoid plug-in 

 A running z2-Environment contains the update site for the Eclipsoid plug-in. Open the software update/installation wizard (in Indigo it's located at "Help/Install New Software...") and use the URL " as update-site" update-site URL (the field labled "Work with"): 


 (Your actual Eclipsoid version may differ of course.) Complete the installation wizard (you can speed up the installation procedure by deselecting "Contact all update sites during install...") and restart Eclipse.  
 You should now see a new menu entry labled "z2-Environment" and two new icons: 


 *Note (important)*: When you use the plugin and you get authentication errors, please check for the user/password used at Window/Preferences/z2-Environment. By default use user *z** (yes, "z" followed by an asterisk) with password *z*.