• z2-environment

    Welcome to the z2-environment redmine site!

    The z2-environment is an open source infrastructure to develop, configure, and run standard Java solutions without build infrastructure nor deployment procedures and so reduces development operations costs significantly....

    • org.z2env

      The org.z2env project that is the development of z2-Environment version 3.0.

      Proceed to the

    • z2-addons

      Add-ons that add functionality to Z2. Currently, the following add-ons are public

      See also Add-ons.

    • z2-base

      The z2-base project contains the basic z2-Environment software system. Generally z2-base is re-used by all other extensions.

      This should be your starting point.

      Please visit the Wiki to learn more.

    • z2-core

      The z2_core project implements the kernel of the z2-environment which is needed to boot-strap a z2 system up to the point where it can load and compile sources from a repository like z2_base or any application specific repository.

      This is not a typical Z2 system project but rather a very traditional, very traditionally ANT built project....

    • z2-samples

      Hosting z2 samples repositories.

      Please proceed to the repository tab to check out sample repository.

      Please read on at samples to learn more about how to try these samples.

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