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h1. Z2-Environment version 2.3 

 Main changes Version 2.3 is in progress 

 The main goals for 2.3: 

 * Support for Hibernate has been moved to the [[Hibernate add-on]] 
 * Support for Provide some meaningful integration with Maven artifact repositories has been implemented. See [[How to Access a Maven Repository]]. Various add-ons and most examples have been altered to make use of the Maven repo support. (see [[maven_repo_support]]) 
 * The [[Vaadin add-on]] now uses Vaadin 7.1.12 Improved programming model support (e.g. setting context classloaders) 
 * The [[Spring add-on]] now uses Spring 4.0.2 Version upgrades: 
 * The [[Hibernate add-on]] uses Hibernate 4.3.4 
 * Z2 supports ** Java 7 throughout. See [[How to set the language level]]. 
 ** Vaadin 7