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The z2-environment is an open source infrastructure to develop, configure, and run standard Java solutions without build infrastructure nor deployment procedures and so reduces development operations costs significantly.

During development and maintenance you do not need to have a local build environment installed that complements your source code.

The z2-Environment rebuilds Java sources as required and selectively from your development workspace leading to fast development roundtrips and consistent deployments, and ultimately to minimized integration pains.
This Wiki describes how to install the z2-environment on your own system and how to do some first steps.

A more short description what z2-environment is about can be found here: What is z2. More detailed information can be found at check out z2-environment

Installation and first steps

How to install z2 describes the installation of the z2-environment on your own system.
First steps with z2 shows how to develop with the z2-environment using the Eclipse IDE.

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