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Switch context class loader for defined z2 programming models

Added by Henning Blohm over 10 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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It has become a nuisance that it is often necessary to switch context classloaders (e.g. via ThreadUtil) when processing callbacks from Z2 as in IDependencyComponent.

As it is safer than not to always try to set the java component's private loader as context classloader, it is suggested to do so. In almost all cases, the declared component's java component's private loader is the semantically best and most well-defined choice anyway.


  • IDependencyComponent
  • ICompiler
  • IResourceProvider

Also check on the base component types:

  • (com.zfabrik.servletjsp/fileRealms)
  • com.zfabrik.cluster.invalidator (com.zfabrik.workers/invalidatorFactory)
  • com.zfabrik.homeLayout (com.zfabrik.workers/homeLayoutFactory)
  • javax.sql.DataSource (
  • org.apache.log4j.configuration (org.apache.log4j/logConfigurations)
  • com.zfabrik.compiler (com.zfabrik.boot.components.basic/compilerFactory)
  • (com.zfabrik.servletjsp/servers)
  • com.zfabrik.naming.jndi.provider (com.zfabrik.naming/namingProviders)
  • com.zfabrik.mainProgram (com.zfabrik.boot.components.basic/mainPrograms)
  • com.zfabrik.swing.component (com.zfabrik.swing/swingApplications)
  • com.zfabrik.gitcr (com.zfabrik.boot.gitcr/gitComponentRepositories)
  • com.zfabrik.resourceProvider (com.zfabrik.boot.components.basic/resourceProviderFactory)
  • com.zfabrik.fscr (com.zfabrik.boot.repos/fileSystemComponentRepositories)
  • (com.zfabrik.servletjsp/webapps)
  • com.zfabrik.coreRevisionCheck (
  • com.zfabrik.systemState (com.zfabrik.boot.components.basic/statesFactory)
  • com.zfabrik.worker (com.zfabrik.workers/workerFactory)
  • com.zfabrik.svncr (com.zfabrik.boot.svncr/svnComponentRepositories)
  • java.util.logging.configuration (java.util.logging/JULConfigurations)
  • com.zfabrik.synchronizer (com.zfabrik.boot.components.basic/synchronizerFactory)
  • (
  • com.zfabrik.worker.MessageHandler (com.zfabrik.workers/messageHandlerFactory)
  • com.zfabrik.files (com.zfabrik.boot.components.basic/filesFactory)
  • (com.zfabrik.servletjsp/loginModules)
  • com.zfabrik.any (com.zfabrik.boot.components.basic/anyFactory)
  • java.util.Properties (com.zfabrik.components/properties)
  • com.zfabrik.hubcr (com.zfabrik.boot.hubcr/hubComponentRepositories)
  • Spring beans

Updated by Henning Blohm over 10 years ago

  • Target version changed from 14 to 2.3

Updated by Henning Blohm over 9 years ago

  • Description updated (diff)

Updated by Henning Blohm over 9 years ago

There are two driving expectations here:

Implementer expectation

If an interface is made to be implemented by applications or platform extensions (i.e. what is typically called a programming model), then the callee can expect to have the right context set. This, for example, applies to ICompiler. This is in particular true for all implementations of a component type.

Invoker expectation

From a caller perspective, if an interface is predominantly considered a client interface, then it should not be expected that the client needs to switch context.

In between

Some interfaces are light-weight extensions and there is not necessarily a factory layer in between. In that case, the implementer should be aware and switch context. Typically, it should be obvious to the callee where responsibilities lie. For example, an any type component cannot expect any magic wrapper to ensure context when providing some interface.


Updated by Henning Blohm over 9 years ago

  • Description updated (diff)

Updated by Henning Blohm over 9 years ago

  • Target version changed from 2.3 to 3.0

Updated by Henning Blohm over 6 years ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to New

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