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z2-Environment Manager, Developer, Reporter 19.07.2012
org.z2env Manager, Developer, Reporter 14.01.2015
z2-addons Manager, Developer, Reporter 03.09.2012
z2-base Manager, Developer, Reporter 19.07.2012
z2-core Manager, Developer, Reporter 19.07.2012
z2-samples Manager, Developer, Reporter 08.10.2012



13:46 z2-core Revision b0537b44 (z2-core): Merge branch 'v2.5.5'
Henning Blohm
12:05 z2-core Revision 12d6e5d8 (z2-core): refs #2074
* Marking resolved properties as transient in
* Minor comment fixed in GitCommand
Henning Blohm


12:06 z2-Environment Improvement #2075 (New): Log more context in Component Property Evaluation
Currently, when evaluating property expressions as for example using JEXL3, parsing errors contain very little contex... Henning Blohm


17:22 z2-Environment Bug #2074 (New): Dynamic property resolution not repeated at next startup
Problem here is that the resolved properties get serialized into the repo cache, so that a re-read will believe they ... Henning Blohm
10:07 z2-Environment Bug #2073 (New): Git locks may be left after crash and prevent update operation on z2 sync or startup
Z2 uses JGit as Git client. JGit however (for compatibility reasons (?)) uses a file-based locking mechanism that doe... Henning Blohm
09:55 z2-Environment Bug #2069 (Resolved): Checking out FETCH_HEAD leads to unexpected results in case of only new tags
Henning Blohm


18:11 z2-core Revision 0e82d39b (z2-core): refs #2069 prep for master
* using fetchRefSpec +<X>:<X> except for HEAD, in which case we are
using +HEAD:refs/heads/_Z2_HEAD_
Henning Blohm
18:10 z2-core Revision 745eab9a (z2-core): refs #2069
* Experimental change: Remove fetching of tags Henning Blohm
18:10 z2-core Revision b90d6de4 (z2-core): refs #2069
* Improving log output Henning Blohm
18:09 z2-core Revision 7a2f1aa7 (z2-core): refs #2069
* Using Z2_HEAD as fetch destination and check out target
* Preparing in v2.5.4
Henning Blohm

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