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Henning Blohm, 03.05.2014 19:35

Hibernate Add-on

(Since 2.3)

The Hibernate add-on provides the Hibernate libraries and some supporting functionality:
  • The EntityManagerUtil (source, javadoc): A utility class providing functionality to
    • maintain an EntityManager between transaction boundaries, when integrating with the built-in transaction management (see How to Transaction Management).
    • allow JTA data source lookup via JNDI even when in a plain naming environment (with no initial context factory set), i.e. a workaround for HHH-8818.
  • The Z2JtaPlatform (source, javadoc): A JTA Platform implementation for the built-in transaction management (see How to Transaction Management).

In order to understand how to use these, it is best to visit Sample-hibernate-basic. You do not need these supporting functions, if you chose to rely on other frameworks that support similar functionality, such as the Spring framework (see How to Spring).

The Hibernate Add-On provide Hibernate binaries by adding a fragment to the maven component repository environment/mavenDefault that is declared throughout in all examples and that all add-ons add to.

Version map

add-on version Hibernate version
2.3 4.3.4.Final mvn roots"

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