How to Build z2 Base

Starting with z2 v2.6 the z2-Environment comes as a completely self-contained package containing the z2-base components (in particular including Jetty) so that you do not need to setup online copies of z2-base.base unless you plan on patching those components regularly.

In order to build the distribution all you need is

In order to build and try out for development create a workspace somewhere and

1. Clone z2-core

git clone


  • If you do not want to build master switch branches accordingly.
  • The build will clone the z2-base.base to include it in the distribution. Before packaging, the build will attempt to checkout the same branch (by name) that is checked out in z2-core

2. Build


cd z2-core/package

After that:

  • A fresh distribution is at gen/dist

3. Run

You can start the just build distribution by running


4. Alternative Builds for Distribution

If you want to build an archive, run either

ant build_release_candidate

to create an archive whose name contains the branch name and a timestamp or

ant build_release

to create an archive whose name contains the branch name.

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