How to Build z2 Base

Starting with z2 v2.6 the z2-Environment comes as a completely self-contained package containing the z2-base components (in particular including Jetty) so that you do not need to setup online copies of z2-base.base unless you plan on patching those components regularly.

In order to build the distribution all you need is

In order to build and try out for development create a workspace somewhere and

1. Clone z2-core

git clone


  • If you do not want to build master switch branches accordingly.
  • The build will clone the z2-base.base to include it in the distribution. Before packaging, the build will attempt to checkout the same branch (by name) that is checked out in z2-core

2. Build


cd z2-core/package

After that:

  • A fresh distribution is at gen/dist

3. Run

You can start the just build distribution by running


However, if you need to frequently rebuild and want to test or develop with other modules located "next" to your z2-core checkout,
you may want to start using the or scripts located in z2-core/package rather than the ones of the built output.

These scripts overwrite the default location of the development workspace to be "next to z2-core".

4. Alternative Builds for Distribution

If you want to build an archive, run either

ant build_release_candidate

to create an archive whose name contains the branch name and a timestamp or

ant build_release

to create an archive whose name contains the branch name.

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