Jetty 9.4 Support (#1993)

As Jetty 9.3 cannot run Java 9 code (in particular due to ASM problems #1785), we need to upgrade to Jetty 9.4.8, the first Java 9 compatible version.


How to Retrieve Dependencies

Clone or copy POM of jetty-home

Use "mvn install dependency:sources"

How to Upgrade

  1. Update all Jetty Server JARs (from the distribution) and integrate source JARs from maven central (see above)
  2. Update optional modules (as far as supported in Z2 already):
    • annotations
    • apache-jsp
    • apache-jstl
    • CDI
    • http2
    • JNDI (actually mail and JTA)
    • spring
    • websocket
  3. Review upgrade information on module config changes


  • An environment split to reduce duplication in (e.g.) sample environments might be advised
  • Include a test with webServer local config / properties files refered from Jetty config.

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