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As a basic rule, z2 releases go together with releases of add-ons and samples. All releasing happens by branch creation. That is, a consistent Version 2.1 view is achieved by consistently checking out the branch called "v2.1".


  1. z2-core - The actual Z2 kernel. Also provides the build scripts to create a release deliverable.


  1. z2-base.core - The pre-compiled kernel of the z2-base system (RETIRED AS OF VERSION 2.6)
  2. z2-base.base - All modules beyond the kernel that make z2-base. Also contains the Jetty Web container.
  3. - Contains the Eclipse plugin "Eclipsoid" providing automatic classpath resolution for Eclipse project


  1. z2-addons.spring - Spring modules. See Spring add-on.
  2. z2-addons.hibernate - Hibernate support. See Hibernate add-on.
  3. z2-addons.hadoop - Hadoop and HBase modules. See Hadoop add-on.
  4. z2-addons.groovy - Groovy support. See Groovy add-on.
  5. z2-addons.vaadin - Vaadin and utilities. See Vaadin add-on.


The z2-samples project hosts repositories that show-case how to use Z2 in general or in conjunction with some other technology.

Please visit the Samples page to learn more about them.

Every sample comes with a repository. Browse them here.

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