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Henning Blohm, 18.09.2012 10:10

A sample using Hibernate and Spring on Z2

This sample is very similar to Sample-hibernate-basic but differs in that we use the Spring framework throughout...

  • for assembly within the modules and to wire services between modules
  • for declarative transaction demarcation
  • for JPA entity manager injection

This sample is stored in z2-samples.spring-hibernate.


You need the z_tx_tests database on a local MySQL database system. Start the MySQL client as the root user and run:

create database z_tx_tests;
grant all on z_tx_tests.* to tx@localhost identified by 'tx';

Run it

Like all samples, also this sample can be run as in How to run a sample. If you have the database, the fastest way to verify whether it runs is:

mkdir install
cd install 
git clone -b master
git clone -b master

# on Linux / Mac OS:
cd z2-base.core/run/bin

# on Windows:
cd z2-base.core\run\bin

When running, go to http://localhost:8080/spring-hibernate. You should see this:

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