Z2-Environment version 2.9.1

(Version 2.9, Version 2.10)

Version 2.9.1 contains various fixes that were noted during more extensive tests on the downport to Java 8 (v2.9.1b).

Note: The companion version v2.9.1b is not released as such but to be build as needed. Check out v2.9.1b for details on its content
that was ported to v2.9.1 with #2120.

Most notably:

  • #2103: JMX read-only access for monitoring via the /jmx Web app.
  • #2115: Jetty configuration via component level properties
  • #2117: Compile performance fixes
  • #2114: Incorrect handling of includes
  • #2122: Test dependency now enforced in JUnit 5 support
  • #2127: A race condition in the AspectJ compiler for the Spring addon
  • #2128: Upgrade of Log4J to Version 2.17 due to Log4JShell vulnerability
  • Base components such as org.junit have been renamed to a com.zfabrik namespace to avoid clashes with application provided modules.


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