Z2-Environment version 2.7

(Version 2.6, Version 2.8)

The main focus of version 2.7 is to support Java 11 also by language level. Version 2.7 is mostly a minor enhancement compared to v2.6:

  • Support for java 11 (#2021)
  • Jetty Upgrade (#2027)
  • Further Deployment Layout cleanup (#1952)
  • Clean instance separation for generated artifacts (#1491)
  • API Enhancements (#1974, #2022, #2023, #2024, #2029)
  • Removal of Home Layouts (#1981)
  • Strict classpath sequence evaluation (#2028)
  • Using Java 9 Process API features for worker process handling (#2020)

Compatibility Notes

Home Layouts (#1981)

As of version 2.7 worker processes implement IDependencyComponent and are started and maintained by simply being part of a dependency of the home process. Details may be found in the section Worker Processes and Home Layouts

Consequently, components of type com.zfabrik.homeLayout must be migrated
to com.zfabrik.systemState. The home.workers property should be replaced by com.zfabrik.systemStates.dependency.

See e.g. the commit dd462784 of z2-samples.hibernate-basic.


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