This project is for the development of z2-environment version 3.0.

Version 3.0 is a major refactoring release of z2 with new repository code lines and complete package renaming.

Check out the roadmap at roadmap

Essential Differences between v2.3 and v3.

  • All the typical declarations and package names are no longer com.zfabrik.<something> but rather org.z2env.<something>
  • The <z2 home> layout is completely new and more flexible
  • The essential component types that can be invoked from the core is system state and main program.
  • While Jetty is still contained to support Eclipsoid and z2Unit, we support a pre-installed Tomcat as application container (and with TomEE would even get a Java EE profile)
  • The core is lighter and more dedicated.
  • There will be substantially less built-in application support like
    • a local JTA implementation
    • No worker suppport without a corresponding add-on.
The main task of v3 is:
  • Make the essential parts of z2 more accessible and easier to understand: While z2 previously started System Centric, we now close the gap from the ordinary main program.
  • Increase the OSS flavor of z2

Obvious TODOs:

  • Fix Eclipsoid templates
  • Support MVNCR, also for distributions

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