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z2-Environment Manager, Developer, Reporter 19.07.2012
org.z2env Manager, Developer, Reporter 14.01.2015
z2-addons Manager, Developer, Reporter 03.09.2012
z2-base Manager, Developer, Reporter 19.07.2012
z2-core Manager, Developer, Reporter 19.07.2012
z2-samples Manager, Developer, Reporter 08.10.2012



17:17 z2-base Revision 8014c65e (tools): Bug Fix Z2-Environment IntelliJ Plugin and release version 4.0.6
* Bug fix Z2-Resolve for modules with the same prefix
* Bug fix Z2-Arming Decorator
* Replace usage of AtomicDouble b...
Udo Offermann


14:43 z2-base Revision 4de37a89 (tools): Add support for IntelliJ 2021.3++
Udo Offermann


09:36 z2-Environment Feature #2118 (New): Expose Webapp Response Times via JMX
The WebApp MBeans zfabrik:type=com.zfabrik.impl.servletjsp.webapp.WebAppResource, s... Udo Offermann


17:12 z2-base Revision 737c7c0b (tools): refs #2106 IntelliJ z2-plugin throws exception when pinging z2
* Add "Import Module" action for all folders in the project
* Improved Z2 arm & Z2 disarm actions for multiple selec...
Udo Offermann
16:26 z2-core Revision ce805def (z2-core): refs #2109 Java compiler must use old fall-back for packet detection
Udo Offermann


16:22 z2-core Revision 937756b9 (z2-core): IntelliJ *.iml and .idea/... files
Udo Offermann
16:22 z2-core Revision f447c438 (z2-core): build.xml filters Eclipse & IntelliJ files
Udo Offermann


18:33 z2-base Revision 6caf582d (base): IntelliJ project settings and module dependencies
Udo Offermann
18:33 z2-core Revision 9acca172 (z2-core): IntelliJ project settings and module dependencies
Udo Offermann
18:32 z2-core Revision 10b7476e (z2-core): IntelliJ *.iml and .idea/... files
Udo Offermann

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