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1061 Improvement New Normal Document standard modularized Spring application structure Henning Blohm 24.05.2013 17:26 z2-Environment Actions
1922 Bug New Normal Eclipsoid info views not working in Eclipse > Kepler Henning Blohm Udo Offermann 14.09.2015 09:53 z2-Environment Actions
2119 Bug In Progress Normal Eclipsoid Version Resolve (incorrectly) assumes an int response Henning Blohm 27.10.2021 21:34 z2-Environment Actions
819 Improvement New Normal Encrypt passwords in config Udo Offermann 30.03.2013 12:13 z2-Environment Actions
2118 Feature New Normal Expose Webapp Response Times via JMX Udo Offermann Henning Blohm 25.10.2021 09:36 z2-Environment Actions
852 Feature New Low Implement remoting feature for dev repo Udo Offermann 25.09.2012 20:42 z2-Environment Actions
2106 Bug Feedback Normal IntelliJ z2-plugin throws exception when pinging z2 Udo Offermann Udo Offermann 15.09.2021 18:02 z2-Environment Actions
2097 Bug Feedback High Java Component Timestamp Dependency Map uses wrong timestamp location on Dependency Check Henning Blohm Henning Blohm 25.07.2021 01:01 z2-Environment Actions
825 Improvement New Low jetty integration webapp for more than one server Udo Offermann 28.03.2013 23:15 z2-Environment Actions
960 Improvement New Low Make HubCR protocol serialization independent Henning Blohm 01.08.2013 15:55 z2-Environment Actions
2107 Improvement New Normal Set the default of the Jetty Directory Listsing feature to false Udo Offermann Udo Offermann 15.09.2021 10:55 z2-Environment Actions
857 Feature New Low Shortcut bean --> application context setting Udo Offermann 02.08.2012 19:25 z2-Environment Actions
834 Improvement New Low Start /adm browser from home gui Udo Offermann 28.03.2013 23:15 z2-Environment Actions
860 Feature New Low Support Apache Standard structure Udo Offermann 27.07.2012 16:15 z2-Environment Actions
862 Improvement New Low SVNCR should not rely on presence of WorkUnit on Thread Udo Offermann 01.08.2013 15:55 z2-Environment Actions
2064 Improvement New Urgent TODO Revamp outdated Thread pool handling Henning Blohm Henning Blohm 29.04.2020 13:03 z2-Environment Actions
2136 Bug New Normal Z2-DataSourceWorkResource throws NPE on "isClosed" when connection is already closed Udo Offermann 31.01.2022 14:08 z2-Environment Actions
2108 Bug In Progress Normal z2-resolve failed with exception when no z2 modules are present Udo Offermann Udo Offermann 16.09.2021 14:27 z2-Environment Actions
2094 Improvement New Normal Z2-Resolve must not sync Udo Offermann Udo Offermann 29.03.2021 13:47 z2-Environment Actions
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2026 Improvement New Normal Add more performance logging data Henning Blohm Henning Blohm 11.07.2021 10:58 z2-Environment - 2.10 z2-Environment Actions
2067 Improvement New Normal Add static lookup utility methods to IComponentsLookup, IComponentsManager etc. Henning Blohm Henning Blohm 11.07.2021 11:56 z2-Environment - 2.10 z2-Environment Actions
2135 Bug In Progress Normal Admin web server stats fails with conversion error Henning Blohm Henning Blohm 12.01.2022 14:39 z2-Environment - 2.10 z2-Environment Actions
2137 Bug Feedback Urgent Bad invalidation of good resource in concurrency situation Henning Blohm Henning Blohm 02.12.2022 10:10 z2-Environment - 2.10 z2-Environment Actions
1936 Feature New Normal com.zfabrik.intellij.z2plugin shall reuse existing .iml files when creating z2 Modules Udo Offermann Udo Offermann 11.07.2021 10:58 z2-Environment - 2.10 z2-Environment Actions
2126 Bug New High Deadlock in Component Building Henning Blohm Henning Blohm 16.01.2022 17:47 z2-Environment - 2.10 z2-Environment Actions
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