Z2-Environment version 2.2

(Version 2.1, Version 2.3)

Version map

Selected add-ons only.

Component Version
Jetty 8.1.11
Spring Spring add-on 3.1.2
Hadoop Hadoop add-on CDH4.0.1
Vaadin Vaadin add-on 6.8.4
Groovy Groovy add-on 2.0.6

Changes in v2.2 compared to v2.1

  • JNDI integration changes (see #1012)
  • Version upgrade of Jetty (see #1016)
  • Support for Groovy (see Groovy add-on)
  • Introducing the Hub Component Repository (see How to use the hub cr)
  • More samples (check out the samples)
  • Eclipsoid enhancements (see feature list)

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